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How to Perform a Water Fast

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The Water Fast Simplest Method

This fasting method is the safest, it is proved, effective, and particularly this method is recommended for therapeutic application.

This method completely excludes food consume for the whole period of fasting but there is no limit in drinking water.

Duration of this fast is from 1 to 30-40 days or more depending on individual purposes and weight.

1. It is preferably to conduct common cleansing procedures before fasting.

2. Colon cleanse. Take laxative /saline purge/ the night before.

3. Stop consuming any food /including juices/, eliminate smoking, alcohol, chewing gum.

4. Water schedule. Amount of water is not controlled. It’s better to drink in small sips, preferably spring or purified water.

5. Maintaining sufficient motion patterns is recommended during fasting: walk, reasonable work outdoors.

6. Enemas. Initially enemas are performed daily or every other day. As you get more familiar with this method you may take enemas depending on your general state.

7. Stomach emptying on the second, third day of fasting. Drink 0.5 l. of water minimum and induce vomiting. Repeat 2-3 times. This may be done any other day when heartburn or acid regurgitation occur.

7. Avoid food. 

8. Don’t wear synthetic clothes.

9. Regular water procedures: swimming during summer, shower, affusions, sauna, baths. Avoid overfatigue.

10. Massage and self-massage. Self-massage is done in the morning and evening time

11. Break your fast according to the standard procedure, starting with diluted juices, juices, fruits, vegetables and gradually add foods to your diet.





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