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Features of the fasting of period  three days

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 Features of the fasting of period  three days.

After the one-day fasting and fasting for a period of 36 hours, you can try to get hungry 3 days, but it is more difficult test for the beginner. During the three-day fasting in the organism begins the transition to internal power. The process of digestion is slowed, activated mechanisms of splitting their own fat, but the full transition to internal power is not the case. Accordingly, there are no positive aspects and those which are marked with fasting before acidotic crisis. In addition, as a way out of fasting during this period, we finds organism in the phase transition, which is not particularly pleasant and physiology. Therefore, fasting period of 3 days is not the best choice, but in the case of heavy course of fasting, the impossibility to continue fasting due to some other reasons accounted for three-day practice fasting.

The technique is not different from the one-day fasting. Prior to the start of fasting is recommended to carry out the purification procedure, to comply with the plant-dairy diet. Yesterday in the evening to drink a laxative (50 g of salt "Barbara" in 500 ml of water). During the fasting  you may drink water in sufficient quantities.

Out of the three-day fasting has not significantly different from the exit at the one-day fasting. On the first day out, you can cook a cabbage salad with carrots, stewed vegetables.  You can drink fresh juices and to drink enough of water. In the future, should gradually increase the food regime. It is best if you can hold for a week at the dairy and vegetable foods.

As adaptation to the short effect of fasting significantly reduced and are encouraged to master the next stage - before the fasting up to acidotic crisis.


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