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One-day fasting

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One-day fasting

To begin the practice of fasting is best with  mastering of one-day fasting. One-day fasting will help you learn to be without food at least for some time that for most people on this planet like a miracle. Of course, you can get hungry a long time, but without experience and without a doctor's observation is not worth doing. One-day fasting in itself is quite a powerful tool for health. They improve the immune system, contribute to cleaning the organism, its rejuvenation. In addition, regular one-day fasting will teach you to go out of fasting, to control the feeling of hunger and create the right attitude to food. Minimum period of mastering - one month. Desirable - 3 months.  

Technique of  carrying out of one-day fasting. 

The main thing in any case, especially if you start it the first time, is the mood. Therefore, during the week focus their attention on the upcoming event. To determine the date and plan their affairs so that no matter that has not been able to thwart you on this day. At each taking meal try to think about the upcoming event, and try to restrain her, inadvertently, all of these thoughts, appetite. Every evening before bedtime, it concentrates his mind to adjust itself, this small feat. Try to convince all of your one's people, the need and usefulness of this step, at least from the standpoint of a healthy lifestyle. All this is necessary in order that would create energy components for the upcoming event, a sort of invisible frame the future of the building. This will help you a lot easier to carry out plans, taking advantage of the additional energy provided by other people and the energy concentrated in your own time, focusing on future events.  

On the day before fasting be kept for food, not drink alcohol, do not eat a lot at night. All the next day you have to do without food - a lot of extra free time. So if you are hungry the first time, try to find her pastime. It is better if it would be the case in the open air, in a cottage in the woods, but can be made that day and at home.  You are not arrange  your first  fasting in the workplace.  Unnecessary attention to his person can only hurt your case, plus the potential problems in a variety of unpleasant sensations such as headaches, dizziness, weakness, bad mood, the smell from mouth, can spoil your relationships with others, and hinder self fasting. But for the first time the most suitable is holiday.  

Try to drink more water, the usual fresh water without any additives. But if you really strongly tied to food and just physically can not survive this day, it is possible to add water a little bit of honey - teaspoon in glass of water. Remember that the day of fasting - to change our perceptions of the world, about ourselves, changing stereotypes of thinking,  manipulation of their own consciousness. And only secondarily - curative effect on the physical body, which, incidentally, is a consequence of the first.  

Not bad on the day of fasting to make a cleansing enema. Very good practice are cleansing breath and asana to perform,  physical exercise, water treatment and other pleasant recreational activities. Above all, do not overstrain. Fasting finish the evening, take a shower and dinner. Dinner should be light - salad and tea. The next day, normal meals, but did not try to pass, but sometimes it is extremely difficult to do, especially for beginners. If you feel it is very easy, it's a good salad and tea to move on the morning breakfast. Thus, you will have an asset in the 36-hour fasting. If the morning and you do not particularly want to have to get hungry until the evening, that is 48 hours, or until the next morning - two-day fasting. With sufficient experience and appropriate constitution, can be «dry» one-, two days of fasting,  do not eat these days is not only food but also water.  There are  no major differences between the fasting t, and all your mistakes at the outlet of which are not particularly dangerous. Any person may, without serious consequences can live without food and water for several days, and only our ignorance leads us from the fear of dying in such a short period of time.  

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      During  the fasting you, if you prefer, you can add to distilled water 1 / 3 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon lemon juice, it makes the water warm and dissolves mucus and toxins. In

end of the fasting first food should be salad of fresh vegetables in mainly of shredded carrots and shredded cabbage. As seasoning can use lemon juice or orange. Such a dish acts as a broom to

intestine. Then, whenever there is a boiled vegetables, such as stewed tomatoes. They do not form acids, and if you do not add the sugar and white bread. You can have a variety of greens - spinach, pumpkin, leaf cabbage, celery, or cooked beans fiber. Never to interrupt the fasting animal products: meats, cheese, fish, nuts or seeds. During last 2 days not drink any acidic foods.  

Implementation of the fasting each week resulted in significant changes in your organism, and your attitude to the world. This is the framework that will allow you much easier to learn the following stages of fasting. But do not wait from one day of fasting, which they can not give you, as the most significant change in consciousness, energy and health take place at mastering of the protracted terms of fasting. 





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