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The mechanism of action of fasting

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 The mechanism of action of fasting.

  Complete exclusion of food can lead to surprising changes. The usual mechanisms of entering of energy any more do not operate and the organism moves to a new level of functioning. There is beginning to splitting their own fat reserves, in addition for receiving energy is used by all the changes and pathological tissues as well as nitrogen assimilation comes from the air. In addition, we give to the organism a unique opportunity - to engage self-restoration  on all of organs and systems. We can say that our enterprise is closed for repairs. And this is a very high-quality repairs. In the absence of food coming from outside the organism uses all of their available resources. But those stocks are significantly different from the incoming food. In fact, this half-finished products.  For their use we does not need to use the enormous amount of energy that we spend on processing and mastering, do not need trace elements and vitamins. You need only contain elevated levels of oxygen, carbon and nitrogen air. For transition to their use any time is necessary. Usually it is 5-7 days, sometimes longer. At this time there is a full reorganization of all processes occurring in an organism. If earlier the direction of movement of nutrients occurred from a digestive tract in blood and to cells now the direction varies. The energy and nutrients are developed and used directly in the cells are delivered  in blood and arrive to requiring cells into the blood and enter cells to those in need. General cleaning of all organism begin. Fasting involves each cell in work.  In each cell there is a regenerative work. Existing stocks of the substance are used efficiently and correctly. Without the food, the cells begin to synthesize independently all of the most necessary. This is proteins, amino acids and hormones. The quality of these compounds are disproportionately higher than received from nutrition elements. The main construction material and energy source on fasting are - fat, air, water, but also used and all the weakened cells and modified tissue. But use of resources are occurs irregularly. In the beginning all most accessible stocks are spent. Then greater the duration of fasting, then more profound and qualitative changes are observed in the organism, then more especially difficult and advanced diseases it is possible to cure. In the course of fasting what exacerbations of disease or a sick organ can be observed (abstersive crisis).And here the main thing not to be afraid, and to continue fasting and to wait, when the organism will independently spend purification and restoration of a sick organ.

In process of fasting of the person tongue is cleared, brightens urine, decreases feces allocation. When in an organism all internal resources are ended then organism is come in to external food. Unexpectedly is appears a strong appetite, salivation. Tongue is completely cleared in this time. In this moment it is necessary to stop fasting and to begin a regenerative food, differently in cells self-damage processes will begin. But such a full completion of fasting takes place enough rarely. This is a very long term, not 20 or even 30 days. Therefore more frequent than all limited to more short courses.

When you begin a restoration feed with vegetable food, an organism gradually reforms on an external feed, but the processes of independent synthesis are saved yet some time, and it is time the more than longer we are on a vegetarian feed. But also after proceeding in a feed ordinary food an organism continues to master matters similarly actively, as it does a young, growing organism. All of it results in the increase of protective forces, rejuvenation, and increase of level of general energy.

  Remember, that only after fasting you will feel the real taste of food!

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