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Whether it is possible to fast domiciliary?

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Whether it is possible to fast domiciliary?

Fasting is a unique universal technique of treatment and improvement, but perhaps its most important advantage is possibility of independent use in house conditions.

To fast domiciliary not only it is possible, but also it is necessary. For this purpose, what independently to master fasting it would be not necessary to be the doctor or the expert on fasting. If you want to correct the health by means of fasting for you expensive medicines and long inspections will not be necessary. All that is necessary is your own desire and common sense presence.

Actually each person can independently fast, after all it is our congenital instinct, knack which, we the truth, have forgot to use.

Therefore to master fasting is not more difficult nearly, than to learn car driving. But if to you to be necessary for driving for training the skilled instructor for acquaintance to fasting it is enough to familiarise with the corresponding literature. It is natural, that as at use of any method, at fasting use it is necessary to observe some rules.

First - it is necessary to familiarise with a short of the method. Books of known authors and popular writers of starvation, as P.Bregg, G.Shelton, J.Nikolaev, etc. which you can find in our free library.

  Besides you can learn as other people fast. For this purpose it is enough to be registered at our forum and you can communicate on a theme of  fasting with other interested people and as to receive answers to the arisen questions.

The second the important rule at  fasting use domiciliary is a course in method development. It is not necessary to make feats and to try to fast at once long term. More often, such haste in what good does not result. 

Is better, at the initial stage to apply fasting of short terms – 1-3 days. Fasting for 1-3 days can be spent easy domiciliary practically to any person being in senses.

Fasting for 7-10 days as can be spent domiciliary, but only after carrying out of several fasting of short terms and more careful acquaintance with features of a method.

Fasting for 14-21 day can be spent domiciliary only after successful end of several 7-10 day fasting, in the absence of contraindications, and, it is desirable, under observation of the expert in fasting or skilled fasting.

Long fasting more than 21 days domiciliary to spend it is not recommended, though at sufficient experience it is possible to fast independently and longer terms.

It is necessary to notice, that for the improving purposes and as for condition improvement at the majority of diseases 21-day fasting quite suffices. And only in rare instances, at long chronic diseases to you can it is required longer terms of fasting. In that case, it is possible to take advantage of a technique of cascade fasting on Voitovich.

The third important rule – care. Though fasting safe enough method of treatment and improvement, but at its application are possible some complications. If in the course of fasting you had any unforeseen situations with which you cannot independently understand, it is necessary to stop fasting.

The fourth rule – at serious diseases, constant reception of hormonal preparations, insulin to fast it is possible only under observation of the qualified expert in fasting clinic!

Thus, independent fasting domiciliary can be used in following cases:

-  You do not have the serious diseases bound to constant reception of medicines;

-  You are in senses and possess sufficient determination to make it. 

If for any reasons you cannot fast domiciliary take advantage of services of clinics in fasting. There, under observation of the qualified experts, without all fears for the health, you can estimate to the full this universal method of treatment and improvement.




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