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Method of correct exit from fasting

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Method of correct exit from fasting

Exit from fasting is component and very important part of process of fasting. It is possible fine to conduct fasting, but all to spoil a wrong output.  And on the other hand a correct output can considerably strengthen all those positive moments which we get from fasting.  It is necessary to memorize the basic rules of exit from fasting: 

You must remember the basic rule of fasting:

- The fragmentation of nutrition;

- Gradually increasing the quantity and concentration of products;

- primary use of vegetable-suckling food, exception from the ration of salt, proteins products of (meat, eggs, mushrooms,  crops) and vegetable fats at the protracted fasting not early than the 4th day of output.

- The length of the output of fasting should not be less than half of fasting, but even better is equal fasting period;

Based of practice - the best to go to juices, vegetable, fruit. In the first devices of food to dilute juice, in the future on solid juice. Juices take small portions every two hours, gradually increasing the quantity. The longer it was fasting, the greater the number of days you want to lead the juice diet. Gradually add to the juices, vegetable soups, salads, fruits. With further expansion of diets used meals, whey, and kefir. Meat products are better excluded from power as possible in the longer term, replacing them with seeds, nuts. 

 It is allows the organism to continue its own biosynthesis of proteins for some time and increase the effect of fasting. Gradually, the second-third week of fasting should be to normalize the number of daily meals to 3-4 times a day, trying to take care of its quality. It should be remembered that the regenerative processes in the organism after fasting continued about 1-3 months, depending on the duration of the fasting and all this time, the organism is necessary to ensure the best quality food, which - plant-milk diet.

Below are variants for exit from fasting, recommended by various authors, but the preferred option, one that is right for you. And it can be determined only on their own experience. I am, for example, are more suitable broth from vegetables, fruit teas from the very first days of fasting in low concentrations. With their help, I quickly started the process of digestion. My friend prefers to go on a milk serum, the other on oat broth. With experience, you will find the most acceptable variant for you.

Diet on leaving from fasting period for 3-4 days.

During fasting 3-4 days an organism begins to be commuted on an internal feed and processes of digestion already in a greater degree oppressed. Therefore an output can be begun with the use of traditional salad from a carrot, stewed green-stuffs, juices. The best of all to continue a feed vegetable-dairy products no less than 3-4 days.

Diet of period (variant № 1, on juices) of rehabilitation after an unloading period by a term 7 days.

1 day - during the day used the juice, dilute with water (1:1), the total number of 0,7-1,2 liters. The concentration of juice increased by the end of the day, between meals, you can drink the water.

2 day - before lunch pure juice - 2-3 reception, after dinner - fruit and vegetables, preferably in grated form.

Day 3 - vegetables, fruit. Then adds porridge on the water, bread, dried fruits.

Day 4 - the menu is added boiled vegetables, fruits, vegetarian soups, sunflower oil.

Day 5 - added dairy products (kefir, etc.), small quantities of butter.

Day 6 - in the diet entering the cheese, sour cream, salt.

Day 7 - add eggs, cottage cheese.

After 7 day of period of rehabilitation in a ration gradually enter products with high maintenance of proteins, at first fish, crops, then bird, meat.

Variant of restoration diet after 7-days of daily unloading period (mixed variant).

An exit from hunger is counted on 7 days. The clock of eating is indicated orientation and can be moved in one or another side, depending on the state of patient.

First day.

9 hours. Oat kissel from a calculation a 1 soupspoon of oat-flakes, without food additions on a 1 glass of water. To cook on a slow fire 10-15 minutes.

12 hours. Repeated reception of kissel.

15 hours. Receive a 50% juice, better than a fresh green apples or oranges or carrots or cabbage, or tomatoes. Tomatoes can be used only in the season and in the absence of diseases of the joints and spine. With the increased secretion of the stomach, which is usually accompanied by heartburn, should dilute the juice to 4 times. Is the use of store juice in the same range of juices from the baby food does not contain sugar or salt.

18 hours. Repeated reception 50% juice.

21 hours. 0,5 glasses of 50% juice.

Second day.

Reception of those juices, but already 75%. At the diseases of gastrointestinal tract are alternation 50% juice with oat kissel.

Third day.

9 hours. In the absence of stool reception made by boiled water 2 hours prior to reception of 6-7 berries of prunes. At the restored function of intestines instead of prunes grated carrots with 1 table spoon of 10 % of sour cream are accepted.

12 hours. One of listed below fruit: a green apple or an orange or 2 tangerines or 1 glass of berries of a season.


15 hours. 75% juice.

18 hours. Salad from cucumbers, light-green sheet, parsley and dill. Tucking in salad is possible one tea-spoon of any vegetable butter.

21 hours. 0.5 cups of liquid to dried fruits to choose from: 1 soupspoon of raisin or 2 things of dried apricots or 2 things of

prunes. In subsequent days on a 21 o'clock of recommendation those. 

Forth  day.

9 hours. Fat-free or low-fat liquid sour-milk product, preferably with the «bio» crops: 1% «bio» kefir, fat-free yogurt.

12 hours.
If for this period work of intestine was normalized, recommend to prepare a vinaigrette: beet, carrot, 1 soupspoon of sauerkraut, two-bit of potato, dill, parsley, green pea, 1 soupspoon of vegetable butter. In default of stool recommend salad «Broom»: fresh, rubbed on a grater carrot and beet on one part and three parts finely cut fresh cabbages, fourth of green apple and 1 soupspoon of vegetable butter. The amount of salad to increase up to two glasses.

15 hours. Fruits. See above.

18 hours. Salad. Look the third day.

Fifth day.

9 hours. 100 grams of dietary curd.

12 hours. Buckwheat porridge without added milk and butter.

15 hours. Salad. Look the third day.

18 hours. 100 grams of the grated cheese, white sorts, with low maintenance of fat. Add to 1 cup of finely chopped greens.

Sixth day.

9 hours. One soft-boiled egg, greens. When you have myoma egg is substitute on cottage cheese diet.

12 hours. Fruits.

15 hours. Any vegetable other than potatoes boiled or stewed in the form. You can use a mixture of frozen vegetables, cook vegetarian soup.

18 hours. 100 grames of fatty fish is not on the caloric not exceeding 40-50 kcal. Preparation of any other than roasting. Combine with the salad greens.

Seventh day.

9 hours. The liquid dairy product in the form of yogurt or 1% kefir.

12 hours. Salad. Look the third day.

15 hours. 100 grams of chicken without the fat and skin. Method
any cooking except frying. Green lettuce.

18 hours. Fruits. Look the third day.

How I саn stop a 7-day fasting! (P. Breg)

When you spend 7-day fasting, your stomach and intestines severely reduced. Approximately 5 hours on day 7 of clear 4-5 tomatoes of medium size, cut them and put in boiling water. On the morning of 8-day prepare salad of shredded carrots and shredded cabbage, seasoned with orange juice.
After such a salad you can eat a cup of stewed greens and peeled
tomato (spinach, artichokes, herbs, mustard). Greens bring to the boil and remove from fire. To this end, you can eat 2 pieces of bread, which dried so it was dry and turned into the hands of powder. This is food for morning and afternoon can drink as long as you want distilled water. At lunch  is grated carrot, chopped celery, cabbage, seasoned orange juice. Can be inserted 2 species any cooked vegetables: spinach, artichokes, mustard greens, carrots, cabbage, boiled celery, pumpkin with two slices of bread, but all this without any oil.

At the 9 th day can have breakfast any kind fresh fruits and vegetables with the addition of corns and fresh sweeten, if you want, honey, no more than one tablespoon. Happy eating salad of shredded carrots, cabbage, celery with a boiled vegetable plus piece of dry bread. For lunch you can have a salad of lettuce, burdock, parsley, tomatoes and 2 boiled vegetables.

How I can stop a 10-day fasting! (P. Breg)

There is little difference between the 7-and 10-day fasting.
At the 10 tenth day of fasting about 5 hours to eat stewed tomatoes, and then follow the same system, which provides for a 7-day. It is very important do not eat more of what you want. Remember that you were without food, and the earnest desire of meal disappeared for you, and time will be required, that an organism passed from the program of detoxication to the program of satiation.

Approximate pattern replacement diet after 17-20 days of fasting (by Voitovich).

1 day food -  to mix up one liter of the uncanned juice and 0,5 liter of water.. It is desirable to prepare a carrot or apple juice, but you can use any juice, vegetable, fruit, berry. During the first five days of recovery diet strictly prohibited the consumption of salt.

2 day supply: (4-5-times), vegetables, fruits, berries until the first moment a sense of hunger. Vegetables mainly consumed raw. With food always used a large amount of garlic (10-15 grams), regardless of individual tolerance to his treatment by this method. You can boil beets in the oven and bake potatoes at the end of the second day of the resumption of food nutrition.

3 day supply: for vegetables, fruits, juices added dried fruit, mainly soak in warm water and two tablespoons of honey.

Day 4: eating is reduced to 3-4 times a day. Added porridge from cereals: buckwheat, oats, millet, pearl porridge and so on. It is prepared on the water and  oil. By the end of 4 days you can eat nuts, seeds.

Day 5: add legumes - peas, beans, can be in the form of porridge.

Day 6: add the bread, which contains salt. Then you can move on to three meals a day on an american naturopath Herbert Shelton - a monotonous food at once, and the greatest diversity of the day, week, month, etc.

Approximate scheme exit fasting period for 21 days (by Nikolaev).

1. Juices (carrot, grape, apple) in 1-day used divorced in half with water in the 2 nd - straight, 4-5-day - fruit and carrots - in a shabby, at 6-7-th day - porridge -gruel - buckwheat, millet, rice, "Hercules" (they are encouraged to carefully and for a long time to chew).
2. Juice should sip "chew" it, savor, mixing with saliva, which is very important.

3. Diet from 10th to 30th day can vary depending on the availability of products adhering to plant-milk with the highest content of vitamins and mineral salts.

4. In the absence of fresh fruit and vegetables can be replaced by the appropriate amount of canned or dried, but they need to chew more thoroughly. It is desirable to increase the walks in the fresh air.

5. Instead, kefir is acceptable to use any of lactic products.

6. Composition of vinaigrette on the portion of 500 g (the PA is divided two equal parts): boiled potatoes - 250 g, grated raw carrot - 100 g boiled beets - 80 g, raw cabbage - 50 g vegetable oil - 15 g, onions - 5 d.

In the salad is allowed to add a tea spoon of lemon juice.

Out of the 20-day fasting on H. Shelton

At the end of fasting for one day, I give half a cup of juice every hour. I prefer to start the juice, from 8 o'clock in the morning and stop at 6 o'clock in the evening. Obviously, this can be done only in cases where the resumption of feeding occurred until the feelings of hunger. If appetite is back, fasting should be interrupted at any time of day.

On second day, I give the patient a glass of juice every 2 hours. In general, this is the same amount of juice as well as in first day, but give it at once in large quantities and with a long interval. Sometimes found that this number is too many. If starving complains that he does not want so much, he was allowed to skip one or two terms of food. There is no amount of food, which he must eat during this period.

On the third day, I give an orange for breakfast, 2 - to 3-lunch and evening. Instead of oranges, you can give the appropriate amount of grapefruit, fresh ripe tomatoes or other juicy fruits, depending on the season. Not as important as feeding is important not to overfeed. These fruits should be fresh, ripe and well-grind. Any tendency to swallow food with greed should be punished.

At the forth day the patient receives a small breakfast of citrus fruit, or one - two of fresh fruit or melons, depending on the season. Day-vegetable salad with salt, oil, vinegar, lemon juice and other seasonings, and no one starchy vegetable, man. The evening - again something of the fruit. This meal should be light, but the number of its slightly higher than for breakfast.

At the fifth day - again fruity breakfast. Day - Salad, 2 boiled green vegetables and roast potatoes or white (a bit). Evening - eating fruit. I authorize for dinner  non vegetarian to drink a glass clabber made from unscalded milk.

At the sixth day meal can be an old one, only a few of its number increases.

By the end of the first week of fasting person must to get a normal amount of food. Not allowed take food between meals and is the evening before bedtime. Plan meals for the withdrawal of fasting includes three reception simple, consisting of fresh vegetables and fruits for food. If later a personal desire to go to the two shot or one-time receipt, it will be the best solution after stabilization of weight.

Remember! Exit from fasting the main part of the practice of fasting. So do not hurry, be kept and for you. But in principle to withdraw from fasting can be on any product - even for bread and meat. You need to begin to use them in a minimal number of carefully chew and bringing the mouth to the liquid state, gradually increasing the amount eaten. But the greatest benefit of fasting, you still get to use at the output of plant foods. Although there are research-based methods of entry are very exotic products. In particular, to Mongolia, according to national circumstances, had developed a method of entering the mutton broth, and green tea –
«about the therapeutic value of the modified diet of period of rehabilitation unloading to dietary therapy, to adapted to the features of feed of population people's republic of Mongolia»





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