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What can you eat during fasting?

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 What can you eat during fasting?

One of the main rules of water fasting is total absence of food. Remember, no food during fasting! No juices, tea, coffee, candies, and chewing gum. Any alcohol is absolutely contraindicative. Your mouth should be buttoned up. Only in the case of total absence of food you can transit to internal nutrition. Your body fits itself out while splitting its own fat. If just a little amount of food intake remains there will be no transition to internal nutrition, and you will suffer from emaciation.

Also, you must not use vitamins and nutrient additives. During fasting the body does not lack for vitamins and microelements.

Medicaments should be mentioned particularly. Medicaments use during fasting is strictly regulated and has its own peculiarities. Those who regularly use cardiants, antihypertensive medicine, hormones, insulin, etc. should consult their physician, and fast at special referral centre under the care of qualified doctors. In all other cases medicaments are forbidden. It is allowed to use homeopathic medicine for healing effect increase in the case of certain diseases.

The only thing you can drink during fasting is water. Water of any kind: boiled, melt, spring, purified, well water. The only requirement is the water should be clean. Quantity of water you can drink during fasting is particular for each individual. Beginners should drink more as it helps to handle toxicopathy and makes the fasting easier. Experienced people are sensitive to quality of water they need in every particular case, and certain days, especially first days of fasting, can get along without any liquid.

During first days of fasting period beginners can sometimes drink water with some honey one time to reduce esurience. After these unpleasant symptoms disappear fasting should be continued with water solely.

So, during fasting forbidden:

- any food, including juices, tea, coffee, fruits, and vegetables;

- chewing gum;

- alcohol of any kind /beer, vine, vodka, cocktails/;

- vitamins and nutrient additives;

- medicines /those who regularly use cardiants, hormones, antihypertensive medicine, insulin, etc. should consult their physician/; 

During fasting  allowed:

- drink clean water;

- use homeopathic medicine;

- in the case of esurience or bad feeling beginners can drink water with some honey /1/2 tea spoon per a cup/ just one time. 

Following these simple recommendations you will be able to appropriately fast for your healing.




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