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Dry fasting.

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 Dry fasting.

   Dry fasting (absolute, complete) - this is not the only exception to the use of food, but also a complete stopping of the use of water. The methodology has spread especially in recent times.

There are two types of dry fasting - soft and rigid.  

Soft, dry fasting.

With this form of fasting completely stops drinking, but does not exclude water treatment in the form of baths, bathing, washing, cleaning enemas.  

Rigid, dry fasting. 

With this form of fasting completely precluded the use of water, and also excludes any contact with water (shower, bath, bathing, washing, enema). Rigid dry fasting

has limited indications, for example, expressed the nature of allergic reaction, expressed hydropic syndrome, and is used in a short period of time - up to two days.  

In clinical practice, usually used short dry fasting of up to 3 days. While there are fans hold dry fasting for up to five days or more .

Also popular method step dry fasting of Lavrov.

Dry fasting contraindicated with bile disease and urolithiasis, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins expressed and violations of blood coagulability, as well as in all other cases, the absolute contraindications for fasting.  

Dry fasting is well applied when the first symptoms of cold diseases, but should keep the overall state of health. autism daycare USA.7

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