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Fasting before the crisis

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Fasting before the crisis

Fasting to the crisis can be safely regarded as a real fasting. It acidotic crisis shows that the organism is fully turned on the power internally, so as to include all of the effective mechanisms of recovery, which so valued fasting.

Date of acidotic crisis depends from experience of hunger. This is an average 5-7 days, but the man who is hungry for the first time he can come and at a later date - even for 10-12 days. This difference is due to the fact that for the first time the organism takes more time that would "remember" and run all the necessary processes. With sufficient practice of fasting, switch  of organism happens much more quickly by the 4-5 day.  

Term «fasting to the crisis» reflects the process of switching the organism to food only own stocks and the beginning of the active assimilation of nitrogen and carbon from the air. Such fasting is already a powerful sanitary means. Regular realization of it for the many people it is sufficient for the prevention and treatment of several diseases. It is useful to conducted its on a change of seasons to 4 times a year.  It excellent help in the event of a acute cold disease.

 It is noted that in fever states, intoxication, such fasting rapidly remove heat and reduce the possibility of complications. Moreover, the acidotic crisis in patient with fever comes quickly - in 3-4 days.  


Preferably before the fasting period to carry out such a cleaning procedure that will help more easily passing fasting. Day before in the evening to drink saline laxative (experience with fasting, you can do without enemas and laxative, the body is naturally relieved from all unnecessary). On the next day nothing to eat. New to better use large amounts of water to reduce intoxication. In the future, with enough experience appropriate to conduct the first two days of dry fasting, then go to the internal power is carried out faster. Before the crisis there is often weakness, irritability, recurrent feelings of hunger, palpitations, headache, expressed a foul odor from the organism  and with the breath, furred tongue and troubled urine. Most often for 5-7 days there has been a sharp improvement of health: rising mood, hunger disappears gradually brightens and diminishes urine foul odor, reduced flying in the language. Sometimes, such a transition is not clear and self-improvement step takes place in a few days. Some do not feel fasting  at all major unpleasant sensations.  

A day later, after the acidotic crisis could begin to exit  to the normal fasting scheme. While this usually do not like, because feeling  is good and the main treatment process begins just after the acidotic crisis. Just after the organism  is fully transferred to internal power.





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