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Complications arising at the withdrawal from fasting

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Complications arising at the withdrawal from fasting

On leaving from fasting different complications are possible. More often than all they take place from wrong preparation to fasting, and similarly from the lack of ability to control the appetite during an output. What anymore for you it will be own experience, the less than for you it will be unpleasant symptoms on leaving from fasting. 

1. Overeating in the first days after fasting.  

If however much such happened after the enough protracted term of fasting and you «filled» the stomach, it is necessary to cause vomiting and wash a stomach. Whereupon to pick up thread an output on an usual scheme.  If you overeated in more late terms, fast one day, and will continue an output necessary products. 

2. Edema, delay of urine.  

It is quite often complication. Due to the fact that during the fasting organism spends potassium salt and receiving food in the early stages of recovery, contributes to the accumulation of cells, sodium and, consequently, of water. While it may mark and with the right of although after long periods of fasting and beginners.

 Usually, it shows a rapid set of weights. This reduces the number of urine, you may see oedema of the face and oedema of the legs. In the event of such symptoms should be excluded salted meat and products containing it, to make enema. Preparations which contain potassium and magnesium help very well. They are absolutely safe. A sauna helps well - with surpluses of sodium and water are then selected. 

3. Constipation.  

It is quite often, especially for beginners. In the absence of an independent stool more than 2-3 days should do enema. To the beginner, it is recommended in any case to do an enema on the second and third day of exit from starvation, what delivered from undigested tailings of food and improvement of feel. 

4. Flatulence, oedema of intestines.  

The main reason is the early beginning of the use of indigestible food, insufficient chewing it, large volume of eaten, insufficient clearing of intestine during fasting and before fasting.

The restrained exit is recommended from starvation, enemas, sufficient motive activity on the output of (after 3-4 days).

 In addition, these symptoms are often observed with afsting in winter and spring. Restorative feeding only plant food during this period does not match the season and "cools" the body. What would prevent this should be stewed vegetables, increase the proportion of cereal, use spices, vegetable and butter (no earlier than the 3rd day). Remember - in winter the body needs a thick, warm food, summer, autumn and may well be a long time to live on vegetables.  

5. Weakness, dizziness, fainting.  

It is occur in the first 3-5 days of withdrawal from fasting. It is associated with the early expansion of the motor regimen..

 In seeming tide of forces can not calculate their physical abilities that lead to attacks of weakness, dizziness, fainting up to. For prevention, a withdrawal must comply with more stringent regime than at the fasting. It is needed anymore to rest, not undertake the protracted walks, not execute a physical fag, not overstrained.

Only hungry experienced, well versed in the peculiarities of the organism can lead a fairly active lifestyle. In fact, motor load at the outlet, help the organism quickly switch to normal food.  

6. «Crunch» in the articulation. 

It may mark the first week of release from fasting most of the thin people. When you see - a gradual expansion of diet, add in food of vegetable oil, melted butter, oat flakes, cereal, use lubrication, and body massage with olive oil (by Malakhov).  

7. Intensifying of main disease. 

If, during the fasting you started worsening of a disease, it is desirable to continue fasting until the disappearance of symptoms. If it is not possible, symptoms may persist, and when you exit. In this case, you need to implement the withdrawal of the regular pattern and do not rush to early heavy meal. For treatment, you can use homeopathic drugs. After a week of release, while maintaining the symptoms perhaps prudent use of medicaments.

In order to avoid all these troubles begin to master the practice of fasting gradually: first learn to observe proper nutrition at an output of one-day fasting, three days, then fasting before crisis (7-10 days) and then move on to a long-term fasting. It is the mistakes it has made a withdrawal from prolonged fasting can be dangerous to your life. So, if you suddenly move in the first days out of the 7-10 day fasting, nothing dangerous with you do not happen, but such extravagance during the withdrawal from prolonged fasting can be dangerous for your life! So, if you decided to practice fasting - attributed to this with attention and care. Master a method gradually, study literature, experience other and, mainly, look after itself. If, after you have a short-term fasting begins « gluttony », and you can not control their behavior, by no means alone do not need to take long-term fasting.





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