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Complication during fasting

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Complication during fasting

Although fasting is natural instinct of everybody, but because it practically is not used in the process of vital functions, certain complications are possible. Most often, than all they arise up from wrong preparation to fasting, ignoring cleansing procedures, unsatisfactory general feel and because of individual features. We need to remember that than the better you prepare for the fasting, then better to set up, the easier it will be the process itself and less all the complications. But to avoid unpleasant sensations you did not succeed. Most often, they are not dangerous, you just know what to do in a given case.


Quite often it occurs at the beginning of fasting, especially for beginners and those who are poorly carried out a purification procedure.
 It testifies to strong contamination of organism. Enema is helps good. With a strong headache, you can drink a glass of warm boiled water with a tea spoon of honey. If pain is saved, you must to go out from fasting and conduct cleansing procedures and one-day fasting 1 one time per a week in a flow 1-3 months.

Dizziness, fainting.

Most often occur for high people at the sharp rising, change of position of trunk up to the swoon states. We recommend for you get up slowly and not accomplish movements.

The general weakness.  

Quite a regular occurrence during any period of fasting. Periodically arises up in any period of fasting. Especially frequent, with excessive physical and mental load during fasting, when hungry little walk, to stay indoors. Over expressed in the early stages of fasting. In principle, weak with fasting is normal. We need more walk in the fresh air, if possible, take sun baths, massage and the self-massage, do not overstrained and rest. It is safe to say that the weakness will pass, but the health and strength for a long time gained during the fasting for a long stay with you!

Dizziness, loss of consciousness, excitation of smoker.

Sometimes, people who during the fasting continued to smoke, there may be unexpected dizziness, weakness, sometimes with loss of consciousness or disorders of consciousness with motor excitation. Such phenomena take place because of sharp hypoxia of brain. In this case, you need to urgently put a patient in bed, and increase access of fresh air, with the possibility of oxygen inhalation, enter intramusculary cardiac vehicles (caffeine, cordiamin in a half-note dose). Therapeutic fasting in this case should be discontinued. Remember, fasting and smoking - are incompatible things!
Chill, fever.

 It is very often phenomenon of fasting. Moreover, at different periods of fasting can succeed each other. Associated with changes of metabolism in the organism. It depends from the constitution of man, water mode. We recommend that you do not supercool, good to get dressed, apply the sufficient physical loadings. Sometimes, when chill is high is helps warm drink or a decrease the number of water drunk for a day. But it no case should not be the strong supercooling.

Unpleasant smell from fasting person.

 It is a normal occurrence during fasting. Smell expressed especially in the early stages of fasting. Appearance of smells is related with the abundant entering in the blood products of disintegration of fats. After the acidotic crisis it’s considerably reduced. The smell of mouth is saved on the extent of all term of fasting, though diminishes at more protracted terms. No special measures are not required. There is recommended enema, breathing exercises, walking in the fresh air, water treatment, linen from natural fabrics.


Sometimes, patients (usually with accompanying pathology of liver and kidney) after repeatedly vomiting or when dehydration because of disgust for the water, at the severe loss of mass of body after a relatively short period of time, as well as in the long terms of fasting may be tonic spasms caused by the dehydration of the organism of sodium chloride, salts of calcium and phosphorus. Thus in the beginning takes the fingers of hands, the cramps of gastrocnemius muscles appear after, sometimes masticatory musculature. In such cases appointed
 1%  solution of culinary salt, which is given in a warm kind for 20 ml inward one or two times. In the future, should repeat the same number of reception of this solution, sometimes up to 3-5 times. Spasms of muscle are disappearing after it. These measures usually is fully sufficiently. The noticeable increase of mass of body is thus marked because of delay of liquid in an organism.

Muscle pain.

Its can be observed all period of fasting, but more frequent than all at more protracted terms and at the enhanceable physical loadings.  It is related with deceleration of exchange processes on fasting. It is recommended to reduce physical activity, apply a massage, massage, thermal procedures.

Arthral pains, pains are in a spine.

Meet rarely, more frequent for patients with pathology of joints and spine. Pass quickly. A massage, thermal procedures, sparing the physical loadings, is recommended, to eliminate getting up of weights.

 Pains of different localization.

 It is enough frequent phenomenon.  It related to making healthy of one or another organ. Rarely there are very strong. It is recommended to continue fasting to stopping of pain syndrome.

 The odontalgia.


Before the beginning of the protracted fasting it is necessary to conduct sanitization of cavity of mouth, seal problem teeth.

Sometimes there pus out of the sinuses and maxillary sinus

gums. The special measures are not required, it is needed to rinse a mouth water or solution of lemon-juice, chamomiles. It is necessary to note that during the fasting should be careful about cleaning your teeth. On fasting the change of composition of saliva is marked, that can result in dissolution of dental enamel. A dental deposit executes a protective function. Now and then, it is possible to wipe teeth cheesecloth, to rinse the cavity of mouth the extract of chamomiles, St. John's wort (Hypericum). It is forbidden to use any tooth-pastes. 

Sleep disturbance.

It is
 not rarely meet during the fasting. Some people observed increased sleepiness, while others sleep decreases and there is increased activity at the time of fasting. These phenomena should not be afraid. Special measures are not required.  If sleepiness appeared for you, means rest more frequent. If you do not sleep simply rest in the bed. More should be taken seriously in a lack of sleep after 20 days fasting. If there pronounced insomnia for 3-4 days, combined with increased excitability, should start out from fasting.

Belching, heartburn, vomiting.

 Enough often in the first 4-5 days a persistent belch can appear heartburn, especially for people with the diseases of stomach, and at the first fasting. To prevent the need to do gastric lavage - drink warm water and cause vomiting. If during a few days, this procedure does not help, you can add the mineral water in small quantities and without gas. Persistent heartburn may appear at later dates of fasting, which most often refers to is not well spent cleaning procedures. In this case necessary to go out from fasting, conduct cleanings procedures and observe a correct diet. Usually at the further courses of fasting this symptom disappears gradually. People with the diseases of liver have vomiting by greenery that specifies on the beginning cleaning of this organ. It is necessary to wait such intensifying and fast yet pair of days, to do washing of stomach, put a warm hot-water bottle on a liver, enemas.

For patients with damage to the gastrointestinal tract during fasting, as a rule, after acidotic crisis, that is at «endogenous nutrition» sometimes there is a worsening of gastro-intestinal disorders requiring urgent use of special treatment. In exacerbation of chronic appendicitis (intestinal colic) recommended rest, and cold on the stomach, observing surgery, if necessary appendectomy.


Frequency of pulse on hunger usually goes down after crisis. To crisis, as a result of the expressed intoxication, becoming more frequent of heartbeats is often marked. Enemas, warm water procedures, rests are help well. Similarly becoming more frequent of heartbeats is marked at the physical loadings during fasting. For a prevention  is followed not overstrained and it is correct to measure out physical exercises.

Pain in the heart.

  It is rarely are intense and are alone. When expressed pain and arrhythmia, should be removed cardiogram and in some cases, fasting may be terminated. It is more often for people with heart diseases. Arrhythmia may be caused by a deficiency of potassium. Take asparkam, panangin. In default of effect during  1-2 days begin an exit from fasting in combination with the reception of drugs of potassium. 

Renal colic.

Patients with kidney stones needed to comply with an adequate water treatment, especially to acidotic crisis. If you have any pain - warm bath, warm at waist, spasmolytics in half the dose.

Cold diseases, quinsies.

  Cold diseases meet uttery rarely. Sometimes there are catarrhal quinsies at which it is necessary to rinse a mouth weak soda solution, by solution of chamomiles and to prolong fasting to stopping of symptoms.

Remember! In order that to avoid complications it is better to conduct preliminary cleansing procedures. In case of occurring of complications there are basic rules: at the not sharply expressed symptoms - to continue fasting to their disappearance, at sharply expressed - to begin a restoration feed, observe the mode of correct feed and conduct necessary cleansing procedures.  But in practice, at reasonable preparation, complications are means rarely.





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