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Do you need to perform an enema while water fasting?

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Fasting and Enema

 Some people are afraid of the enema using necessity more than fasting itself. That`s why most of beginners do not consider this unpleasant procedure essential. 

Meantime, the enema is necessary and even obligatory during fasting. Especially it is applied to those who have just started practicing fasting. That`s why it would be better if during preparation period before fasting you would learn how to do this simple procedure. 


During the 1-2 days fasting the enema helps cleansing your body but is not crucial. For such a short period the body has no time for turning to internal nutrition, and these enemas don`t have such a significant health relieve effect.  

During the longer fasting changes in the body are more significant. Within a short period our body turns from usual to internal nutrition. This turning is accompanied with changes in performance of all organs and systems. When this happens, fat cellular debris, so-called ketone bodies, get into blood in large amounts. All this causes ill health, headaches, weakness, dizziness, bad mood. 

Cleansing bowels with the ordinary enema causes considerable decreasing all these unpleasant effects. It promotes faster excretion of fat cellular debris, empties lower bowels of impacted feces; the absorbed water quickly gets into the blood, decreases intoxication, and increases urination. As a result, the unpleasant symptoms are abated. All fasting people note this. If enemas are not used the body intoxication could be so acute that you cannot continue fasting any longer. That`s why using enemas is crucial for the beginners during fasting longer than 2-3 days. 

During the long-period fasting using enemas allows improving bowels cleanse of impacted feces which are usually in large amounts in the colon of the most people. It is noticed that by the 21-st day of fast impacted feces rejection and excretion could happen, especially in the case of beginners. 

People experienced in fasting often do not use enemas at all during fasting. And they may do this due to some reasons:

- regular fasting practicing makes fasting start and process easier;  

- with the regular fasting practice most people experience normalization of the colon performance; 

- experienced in fasting people have keen perceiving of their body`s needs; 

All these allow experienced in fasting people not to use enemas during fasting or use them less. 

Thus, we can formulate key rules for enemas use during fasting period: 

-  the enemas are crucial for beginners during fasting longer than 1-2 days;

- during the 7-10 days fasting beginners should use enemas once per day /twice per day in the case of bad feeling and difficult fasting process/.

- after 7-10 day of fasting the enema can be used less - once per 2-3 days.

-  people experienced in fasting can use enemas depending on their feel. 

In conclusion it may be emphasized that enemas use during fasting makes fasting process easier, reduces your body intoxication, cleanses your bowels, and is crucial for those who have just started fasting.




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