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Additional procedures during the fasting

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Additional procedures during the fasting

Additional procedures during the fasting can greatly increase the health effects of the method, as well as allow selectively affect the body or the body's systems most in need of restoration. Additional procedures should be carried out as the period of fasting, and in preparation for fasting, and to continue after the completion of fasting.
1. Sufficient physical pressure during the fasting and exit from it.
Most of the authors agree that exercise is essential during the course of fasting. Any exercise leads to frequent respiration, increased heartbeat, and, accordingly, to better ensure the cells of oxygen, carbon and nitrogen that are actively used on the hunger in the exchange processes. The more we go, the more force and energy we feel when fasting. Notice that the major decline of weight, especially after acidotic head falls on a night when we lie without movement and our metabolism is at a minimum. In the daytime, even great exercise, practically do not reduce weight. In the many clinics on condition when the patient's unwillingness to comply with an adequate motive regime can be interrupted course of fasting.

The basic rule in the physical loads - do not overworking, because reinstatement on hunger after overwork happening long enough.

Of all the physical exercise while fasting is the best walking in the fresh air. This is not so important mileage, but rather the duration of the walk on time. It is desirable, what would your walks during the hunger were at least 2-3 hours a day. The more you should be on the air, the better.

In addition to walking during the fasting can perform any physical exercise, but while avoiding overwork. This jogging, gymnastics, stretching exercises and sports games. A good effect there and moderating work outdoors.

2. Massage and massage yourself.
Very effective tool during the fasting helps to remove the various pain syndromes, muscle spasms, reduce tension in the muscles. It improves blood circulation and metabolism in tissues.

If there is a possibility, be sure to use the services of massage therapists. Nicely helps and self massage, especially in the morning and evening hours.

3. Water procedures.
Operation of the water procedures during the fasting – required thing. Use a shower. Contrasting shower, bath, sauna, swimming, underwater massage, shower Sharko, etc. All these procedures should be conducted regularly, choosing those that are well tolerated and does not cause

4. Enema.
Cleaning the bowel is best to begin before the fasting. Especially for those given to constipation. You can use kolonogidrotherapy in the preparatory period of fasting. And during the fasting enema - required thing, especially in the early stages of development of this technique. They can do every day, every other day, when the deteriorating well-being. Use water with a small addition of salt, manganese, lemon juice, yourself urine, etc. With the advent of experience fasting and atonement sufficient organism from slag, the majority of fasting people almost cease to apply enema. This is because the intestines, as well as other organs is  auto regulate itself on hunger. Enema is
trouble this natural process of purification and regeneration. In  the fact, the daily enema - a rather large load, which requires a significant investment of energy and if you  are feel good,it's no use making.

5. Reflex therapy.
During the fasting well-proven acupuncture therapy, Su-Jok therapy, segmental massage, laser treatment is applied.
Independently  we can be used massager wish needle coating - applicator Kuznetsova, Lyapko.

6. Treatment..
We may apply treatment not only to strengthen the excretory functions of the organism, but for the specific treatment of certain diseases.

Herbal therapy.
Increasingly used during the fasting. Decoction herbs hardly contain the calories and do not interfere with the basic processes going on hunger. However, it could help in supplying the organism by micronutrients. Used to enema, rinse the throat, baths, wraps, etc. For example, S. Nikolaev except for the use of water during the fasting using decoction dog-rose. With heart disease used motherwort, fennel, valerian, as a instrument of supporting therapy. However, the use of herbs during the fasting should be cautious in view of lack of knowledge of many of them.

8. Homeopathic means.
Recently, it is quite often used in the treatment of fasting, especially when there is a need for the appointment of drugs. It is harmless, have no side effects, and combines with fasting.

9. Purification of a cholic bubble

It can be used practically in healthy people when gastroenteric disorders in the form of bitterness in the mouth, nausea in the hospital after the ultrasound. In the home typically used hot-water bottle in the area of the liver during in an hour.

10. Breathing exercises.
It is compulsory for use during the fasting, and allows the organism at most used the elements of air for their own biosynthesis (oxygen, carbon, nitrogen) and facilitated course of fasting and increase its efficiency.

Basic breathing exercises came to us from yoga - is full yogas breath, "anulema-Vilém, Bhastrika" etc. You can use the breathing exercises on Strelnikovoy and Buteyko.
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