Fasting for health from all world. Features of fasting in the various countries. How correctly to spend independent fasting. Free books on fasting and to health from all world.

Fasting for health from all world

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The fasting connects people

This site represents a technique of a fasting from Russia.

In Russia a fasting it is recognized by an official method of treatment of some diseases. Besides a considerable quantity of people in our country independently practise a fasting for treatment and improvement.

The fasting domiciliary helps people to recover from many disease, improves health, raises a self-rating and allows to conduct an active, high-grade life. Besides, the fasting learns the person independently to care of the health.

But practice shows what to master a fasting and to fast is better in an environment of other people. If it was necessary to do it in the conditions of a hospital or sanatorium now the Internet has completely solved this problem earlier. Not leaving the house everyone can get support from other people practising a fasting, to find the necessary literature on application of a fasting and simply to communicate to new people.

But a fasting practise not only in Russia. In many countries of the world this method of treatment, improvement and self-improvement has received a wide circulation. In each country there are features and preferences. Therefore, the international dialogue between fasting very important. It will help wider fasting diffusion worldwide and as will allow to improve results of its use by simple citizens.

Fasting all the countries - be united! 


Fasting for beginners in questions and answers.

In Russia fasting is meant a word basically water fasting.  It is widely used in medical practice and for self-improvement. Dry fasting is used much less often. Fasting on juice do not carry to fasting and concerns other type of treatment.

How to prepare for the first fasting? In order to facilitate the passing of your first fasting is necessary to comply with some simple rules. First - should be well acquainted with the method of fasting. .>>>

What it is possible to eat during fasting?  The majority of people fasting for the first time set this strange, at first sight, a question. Actually it is very difficult to modern person to get used to thought, that he can live long time at all not using any nutrition. .>>>

How to avoid a overeating after fasting?  Increased appetite during post-fasting period is a common occurrence. Many people face this problem as soon as they start practicing fasting. >>>

How much water should you drink during fasting? To be successful with water fasting it is crucial to follow an appropriate drinking schedule. The quantity of the water depends on many factors but the key factor is your fasting experience. .>>>

Do you need to perform an enema while water fasting?  The enema is necessary and even obligatory during fasting. Especially it is applied to those who have just started practicing fasting. That`s why it would be better if during preparation period before fasting you would learn how to do this simple procedure.  .>>>

Can I smoke during  fasting? Smoking is not related to food, and that's why, as some people think, some extra cigarette during fasting will not have significant effect. Actually, it is a very dangerous mistake. .>>>

Whether it is possible to fast domiciliary? Fasting is a unique universal technique of treatment and improvement, but perhaps its most important advantage is possibility of independent use in house conditions. To fast domiciliary not only it is possible, but also it is necessary. .>>>

How to do a water fast? This fasting method is the safest, it is proved, effective, and particularly this method is recommended for therapeutic application..>>>




Fasting For Weight Loss
Weight loss, depending on fasting term

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